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Boba - Baby Wrap Carrier

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

SKU: BW1-002
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The Boba Wrap is the ideal carrier for babies from birth until around 18 months, free of buckles, straps or snaps!   Simply tie the material snug against your body and achieve a perfect fit every time – perfect for beginners and advance babywearers alike. The perfect wrap style carrier – with its unique fabric blend and the no-guesswork tying, the Boba Wrap is a great choice for beginners and advanced babywearers alike. The simple design of this baby wrap, free of buckles, straps or buttons makes it perfectly comfortable for both you and your baby. By evenly distributing the weight of your child, there is no time limit to how long your baby can stay in the wrap, so you may calm and sooth your baby with your warmth, your voice, your movement and your heart beat as long as you are both content!   It's worth noting that these wraps are ideal for kangaroo care – premature infants thrive when wrapped in a Boba wrap.   The Boba Wrap is ideal for breast feeding.

nylon is super stuffable for storage
*Front and back carry options for kiddos 15–45 pounds
*Sleeping hood shields baby from sun or rain and easily tucks away in its pocket when not in use
*Light (just 0.7 pounds), compact and self-storing in built-in hood pouch
*Shoulder straps comfortably fit heights 5'0"–6'3"
*Waistband range reaches 25"–58"
*Body of carrier rises 16" to safely support taller heights as your child grows

Recommended Age:
NB- 36 lbs or NB to 3Years (approx)

Shipping Dimensions (CM):
29 x 15 x 15